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Low Calorie Substitutes

It takes three full weeks to get used to a new food taste or texture. But you do not have to make the switch to every new food all at once. Try the strategy described below:

Basic Technique

Mix a small amount of a new food with a food currently eaten (the "old" food). Gradually, over time, increase the amount of the new food and decrease the amount of the old food in the mixture.

Use this technique to:

Switch to lower fat dairy products: For example, mix 1 quart of whole milk with 1 quart of 2% milk. Over the next days and weeks, gradually decrease the amount of whole milk in the mixture and increase the amount of 2% milk until only 2% milk is left. Try this same approach to switch to lower calorie yogurt, grated cheese, cottage cheese, sour cream or ice cream.

Introduce low calorie salad dressings, mayonnaise, soups, etc.

Introduce egg substitutes.When making omelets, scrambled eggs, cakes, etc., use one or more servings of egg substitute for one or more of the eggs. A cheap version of one egg substitute is one egg white.

DO NOT RUSH when using the above technique! Most children and adults make dietary changes in stages. It is better to move slowly and succeed than move too quickly and fail.

Be creative with the gradual mixing technique! Use it whenever and wherever you can to reduce calories, even just a little.

LAST...not every food must be a low calorie food! Switch to the low calorie foods that work for you and your family. Enjoy other foods in moderation.

Instead of:Use:*
Eggs 1 egg = 75 cals Egg substitute ¼ cup egg substitute = 25 - 30 cals
Whole milk 1 cup (8 oz) = 150 cals 2% Milk 1 cup = 120 cals
2% Milk 1 cup = 120 cals 1% Milk 1 cup = 100 cals
1% Milk 1 cup = 100 cals Fat free milk 1 cup = 90 cals
Regular mayonnaise 1 TB = 100 cals Light or low fat mayonnaise 1 TB = 25 cals
Italian salad dressing 1 TB = 70 cals Light or low fat dressing 1 TB = 25 cals
Regular ranch dressing 1 TB = 85 cals Low fat ranch dressing 1 TB = 30 cals
Sausage, pepperoni, salami
1 Italian sausage link = 215 cals
1 slice pepperoni or salami = 40 cals
Lean ham, 98% - 100% fat free
1 slice = 20 cals
Biscuits, doughnuts
1 small doughnut = 200 cals
1 small biscuit = 125 cals
Toast, English muffins
1 slice toast = 60 - 80 cals
1 English muffin = 120 cals
Regular potato chips 1 oz = 150 cals Pretzels 1 oz = 100 cals
 Baked potato chips 1 oz = 55 cals
Regular ground beef 1 oz = 83 cals Extra lean ground beef 1 oz = 71 cals
Cals = Calories