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Getting Kids to Eat Fruits and Vegetables

  • Children will eat what YOU eat!! If you do not eat fruits and vegetables, don't expect your children to eat them.
  • Find fruit and vegetable recipes that everyone likes. Try out different foods and recipes until you find ones your family likes.
  • Introduce foods that are similar to foods children already eat. For example, for children who like baked or mashed potatoes, try baked or mashed winter squash. Instead of spinach, try cooked collards or kale.
  • Start slow and small. Allow children to eat several bites of regular foods and then offer one very small bite (1 teaspoon) of a new food. As soon as it is eaten, give praise. Gradually increase the number and size of bites over the next days and weeks. ┬áPraise children every time they eat a bite of new food.
  • Mix it up! Offer small bites of a few different fruits and vegetables every week, so children get used to eating them.
  • Keep meals positive. Keep meals pleasant and praise children when they eat well. Avoid fighting over food.