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The Tablespoon Approach To Weight Loss

Try this simple technique to reduce portion sizes by just a little at a time:

  1. Dish up the usual amount of food.
  2. Before serving: Take away or cut away one or more tablespoons of each different kind of food on the plate.


  • You may reduce portions at every meal, at one meal per day, or a few meals per week. If you reduce portions at every meal, you will reduce daily calories by 5 - 15%. This amount of calorie reduction will promote weight loss in many individuals.
  • For young children (4 years and younger), you may reduce portion sizes by smaller amounts: take away 1 - 3 teaspoons of food for example.
  • If you reduce portion sizes at every meal and no change in weight occurs after a few weeks, reduce portion sizes further. For example, if you have been taking away 1 tablespoon of food on the plate, start taking away 2 tablespoons of each kind of food on the plate.