Traumatic Brain Injury Program offers new training for educators to help students successfully return to learn after a concussion

"Get Schooled on Concussions" program available for West Virginia schools

Tuesday, June 25, 2024

Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) services at the WVU Center for Excellence in Disabilities is offering a new program called "Get Schooled on Concussions" to all West Virginia schools. This program uses a tool called the Teacher Acute Concussion Tool (TACT) to help teachers, nurses, counselors, principals, athletic trainers and school psychologists guide students back to learning in a safe and effective manner after sustaining a concussion.

While there is a protocol in place regarding "Return to Play" after a concussion, there has previously not been one in place for "Return to Learn" once students return to the classroom. School is where students spend most of their day, and this new program will help with an important part of their recovery from a concussion.

"Get Schooled on Concussions" sends teachers temporary "academic adjustments" directly to their email to help students stay in class instead of being absent during their concussion recovery. The TACT takes the guesswork out of "Return to Learn" for teachers, and is the only digital tool designed to help students post-concussion. 

If your school is interested in learning more about this training and its implementation, please reach out to Jeremy Dixon at or 304-288-7131. The TBI program is able to provide up to 10 hours of technical assistance per county.